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Welcome to Premier Periclase
Premier Periclase Ltd. (PPL) produces highest quality Seawater Magnesia products at its plant in Drogheda, Ireland.
It is a wholly owned subsidiary of RHI Magnesita (, the world's leading refractories company.



Premier Periclase is located by the River Boyne, in Drogheda, Ireland, approximately 45 kilometres north of the capital city Dublin. Since its formation in 1980, the company has produced highest quality magnesia products and it’s unique large crystal sintermagnesia product range is renowned throughout the world. We also produce a range of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) products and Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) suspensions.

Premier Periclase parent group, RHI Magnesita is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

RHI Magnesita is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Premier Periclase Large Crystal Sintermagnesias range is used in the manufacture of refractory linings for the steel, cement, glass and non-ferrous metal industries. In the steel industry, Premier Periclase products are used in the most severe wear areas of steel converters, ladles and other applications. Premier Periclase Sintermagnesia products are exported throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere. 

ECOMAG Magnesium Hydroxide suspension is a cost effective alternative to Sodium Hydroxide for neutralisation and heavy metal removal from acidic wastewater streams.

Premier Periclase product quality and consistency is guaranteed under the international quality system I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015. We pride ourselves on fast and efficient delivery.

Premier Periclase is proud of its reputation as the leading producer of highest quality Sintermagnesia and Magnesium Hydroxide products.

Premier Periclase, Boyne Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
Tel: + 353 41 9870700
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Premier Periclase Limited, Registration Number 59188, Registered Office, Boyne Road, Drogheda, County Louth