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Philosophy: Premier Periclase policy is to deliver the highest quality Magnesia products to its customers, giving superior performance, best value and dependable supply. We seek to develop long-term partnerships with customers by delivering consistent products that our customers can rely on - Premier Periclase Quality Policy statement. The company also acknowledges its environmental responsibilities and is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and others.


Premier Periclase Ltd. produces Seawater Sintermagnesia (also known as Periclase or Deadburned Magnesia) and other Magnesia products at its plant in Drogheda, on the east coast of Ireland

Premier Periclase, which commenced production in 1980, is acknowledged as a world leader in the supply of refractory grade seawater sintermagnesia and related products.

The company supplies Sintermagnesia to the major producers of basic refractories throughout the world - including Europe, North America, Asia and elsewhere.

Products & Applications

Premier Periclase produces the highest quality Large Crystal Sintermagnesia in the world. The company’s unique products are used in the most severe wear areas of Steel, Cement, Lime, Glass and Non-Ferrous Metals and in other refractory applications. Our products are a cost effective alternative to Fused Magnesias.

Premier Periclase has maintained its leading position for more than 20 years through ongoing investment in its products, processes and people.

Premier Periclase also manufactures ECOMAG, an aqueous Magnesium Hydroxide Suspension that is sold in Ireland and the UK. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to Sodium Hydroxide for neutralisation and heavy metal removal of acidic wastewater streams.

Premier Periclase crushed and graded products are used in a wide range of refractory, chemical and other applications.

Premier Periclase TechMag Magnesium Oxide powder is an ultra fine particle, technical grade powder with high activity suitable for use in general chemical and other applications


Our consistent quality and uniformity comes from the use of selected highest quality raw materials – Seawater and Limestone, along with energy in the form of Natural Gas, Petroleum Coke and Heavy Fuel Oil.

These raw materials, combined with the most advanced reaction, calcining, sintering and control technology give Premier Periclase a consistency of quality unsurpassed in the Magnesia world

The company has continuously invested in energy efficient technology. In the last 10-12 years specific energy consumption has been reduced by about 45%.

Premier Periclase has a comprehensive Quality Management System, which is independently audited and accredited to I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015, through the National Standards Authority of Ireland. A copy of the company’s ISO registration certificate can be downloaded via the following link.


Premier Periclase operates its own private wharf in the port of Drogheda. Products are loaded directly from the plant into ships for direct passage to Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. Container and bagged cargoes to other parts of the world are also easily handled.

Quantities up to 3,000 Tonnes can be supplied in a single lot directly from our plant in Drogheda.

ECOMAG suspensions are shipped and delivered in bulk tankers direct to customer locations.

Guaranteed Quality … On Time … Everytime!

Public Information: Emissions Trading Scheme and IPPC Licence: Members of the public may, by prior arrangement with the company, view public record files in relation to Environmental Monitoring and Emissions Trading.
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